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Business War Gaming

How are competitors dealing with the world around them?

Trend-Rx helps organisations gathering relevant data. We also help to order this data and quantify its potential impact on the organisation and or its market. And we translate the environmental analysis into a strategic plan. One particular and crucial external factor is competition: the performance of an organization is always relative to its competitors. All competitors are confronted with the same trends. Observing how competitors respond to a changing landscape sharpens the organisation’s way of thinking.

Business war gaming, still relatively unheard of in The Netherlands, is an important observation tool. It is a variant of long-term strategic military simulations. Business war gaming is a role-playing game with the purpose of helping organisations better understand their competitors strategy and how a company should respond to strategies. It gives organisations an external perspective and forces an organisation to briefly relinquish its own ideas. Business war gaming is especially valuable as sectors undergo changes.

Business War Gaming is not a complex mathematical exercise. It is a hands-on role-playing game that allows organisations to climb into the competitors’ skin. Good business war games are fast, simple, practical, inexpensive and fun. Business war games lead to plans that have a dot on the horizon that is just a bit further away.

Once you see that performance is relative, it becomes obvious that companies can never achieve success by following a given set of steps (…); their success will always be affected by what rivals do.”

Phil Rosenzweig – The halo effect