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Who is Trend-Rx?

Trend-Rx is a data-driven research agency that analyses trends and translates these into concrete potential effects and strategies for organizations. Trend-Rx is a small organization with extensive experience in qualitative and quantitative trend analysis. We formulate data based strategies for organizations faced with abstract trends. We translate this into an inspirational story for the organization and translate its employees.

Trend-Rx was founded by Arno Onink, an independent strategic thinker with twenty years of experience in corporate strategy and decision making. Arno specializes in helping organizations make better predictions. The future seems less predictable than ever. For organizations, it becomes increasingly difficult to properly interpret the available data about its environment:


The amount of available data has risen explosively.


Information has become more complex because of the increasing level of knowledge in every field in society.


The connection between different aspects of society, science and technology has become more complex.

Trend-Rx helps organizations to better navigate within their environment and understand their competitors. This allows the organization to make more accurate forecasts and translate them into medium-term strategic issues. Trend-Rx brings objectivity and gives light to these situations. By combining forces with the client, a clear vision for the future is created.

It follows that the goal of forecasting is not to see what’s coming. It is to advance the interests of the forecaster and the forecaster’s tribe.”

Philip E. Tetlock – Superforecasting: the art and science of prediction