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Independent Thinking Workshops

How do we inspire our employees in dealing with long term changes?

  • Guest Speaker
    Trend-Rx follows developments closely and translates what these developments mean for organizations and their environments. We give presentations that describe how the world changes and show which developments will have the greatest impact at the macroeconomic level and we translate these trends at the microeconomic level specifically for our clients. We clearly illustrate abstract trends into specific focal points for organizations using common sense and without hype.
  • Reports and White Papers
    Trend-Rx regularly publishes on developments in the world. On the news page you will find reports and white papers, in Dutch. With regards to reporting, our approach is again to clearly illustrate abstract trends using common sense, without hype, highlighting specific focal points for organizations.
  • Training sessions and workshops
    During training sessions and workshops, we teach clients to rediscover their environment and to make more accurate predictions. Our training sessions and workshops are fully customized. Training modules are suited to the needs of the client and created with both the desired depth of material and length needed to achieve the given learning goals in mind.

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”

Albert Einstein